8 Immediate Steps For Making Your Business Pandemic-Proof

This highly contagious virus has left many businesses unsure whether their risk mitigation measures are adequate. They have to fight on several fronts such as retaining the existing customers, managing enough funds for business continuity, and even protecting websites (in case they’re online) against malicious threats.

Cybersecurity is the most overlooked area. Most organizations aren’t aware of the intensity of the cyberattacks that would take place amid the COVID-19 lockdown. It’s learned that hackers have come out of the woodwork to reap the advantage of the situation when international borders are shut, and isolation measures have been imposed to curb the virus outbreak. Hackers, in order to trap, offering irresistible discounts on their products and services that generally involve malicious software. Domain, related to Coronavirus, has also seen a sharp surge since the virus outbreak. 

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