How To Efficiently Move Your Team To Remote Work During a Coronavirus Pandemic?

With the pandemic affecting the world of work every single day, companies are trying to adjust with this unusual way of working to:
● Prevent the spread,
● Ensure the safety of their employees,
● Continue operating.

But why unusual? Although the concept of work from home was accelerating in a few countries even before the pandemic struck, it has now become a strange thing.

In a flash, companies have moved from an office set up to telecommuting for several coming weeks. And it’s only now that they are realizing certain challenges related to team management, communication, and productivity.

For most leaders, in the times of crisis, facilitating work from home arrangements has not only become a mandate but also difficult to transition smoothly into a newer work environment.

We have curated a list of some expert tips that will be helpful in the whole process.

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