Why We Exist

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard, no matter the scale. As new cases are being reported globally and the death toll is on a rise, lockdown restrictions are getting stringent to ensure people’s safety, making the future of businesses quite uncertain.

We, at Designhill have set up this website to provide assistance to not just small but every type of business and entrepreneur who is affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

We have served hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe in the last few years and we want to do whatever we can to help many such businesses in these hard times. And therefore, through this pro bono initiative, we hope that many businesses may be able to raise the much needed working capital that would help them survive in these times of crisis.

On this platform:

  • Any business will be able to sell vouchers or coupons or deals online to its customers for their goods or services.
  • Customers who are loyal to certain brands and willing to help them financially can buy their vouchers or coupons for future redemption by paying forward thus, allowing these businesses to keep running.

We want to reiterate that the purpose behind this is not to make money. We just want to help every local and small business sail through these tough times.

Ways You Can Help

Soslocalbusiness.com has been started to help COVID-affected local and small businesses sell vouchers, subscriptions or gift cards that their customers can buy now and redeem later when the situation improves and such businesses are able to restart their operations . This is an initiative to ensure an adequate amount of cash inflow is available for survival.

To help more and more entrepreneurs, we have expanded to the offered business categories. Our catalog will help customers in supporting their favorite restaurants, cafés, fashion boutiques, salons or any business which is facing shutdown due to the ongoing lockdown.

We believe that word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy so would need everyone to lend a hand and help spread the word further to help maximum number of local businesses stay afloat.

*T&C apply.

Our idea and your contacts, let’s fight COVID-19 together and show it we are up and running.